About Us

Hi it's Ren! I'm so thankful you're here.

RenWell was established under the belief that healthcare can and should be both holistic and objective in order to achieve true wellness.

I personally value helping others to enhance their health and wellness through medical technology and energetic healing. I was tired of feeling a constant pull between two distinct approaches to healing; western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Then, I discovered far infrared and PEMF therapy mats; clinically studied, advanced medical technology that also compliments meditation and energetic healing methods. I knew I had to share the power of PEMF and FIR light therapy mats with others; skeptics, believers, and everyone in-between.

RenWell is a small business, shipped from the United States that focuses on bringing customers the best care, price, and quality.

RenWell; where holistic healthcare and modern medicine fuse.