Safety & Suggested Use

In order keep yourself safe while using RenWell products, please familiarize yourself with the safety directions and precautions prior to use. Also note that user should always consult their qualified healthcare professional before use. Always follow all safety precautions when using PEMF and/or FIR products. It is the user's responsibility to ensure their awareness of safety and to follow precautions properly. To optimize your product's function and the longevity of it, also follow the suggested use properly.

1. Place mats and controller on a flat surface while using. Mats/pads intended for use in chairs or wrapped mats/pads/belts may be used accordingly. Controller should always be placed on a flat surface to allow ventilation.

2. We recommend placing a towel, blanket, or cover over the entire surface of the mat/pad when using to avoid moisture from getting into the mat, as well as avoid skin contact with hot stones if sensitive.

3. Never place or leave any objects on the surface of mat/pad while it is in operation. This could cause heat damage to the object and/or damage the mat/pad.

4. Do not for any reason attempt to take apart the mat/pad or controller. If any issues arise, please contact us for assistance.

5.We recommend using a surge protector with a wattage that is twice as high as that of the mat/pad in use. Only plug into properly equipped outlets that are not loose.

6. Do not get the mat/pad wet and avoid handling the mat, controller or plug with wet hands.

7. Do not use any metallic pins or fasteners to hold the mat/pad in place. It should stay in place on its own, but user may place towel, blanket or cover beneath the mat/pad to avoid sliding.

8. Unplug mat/pad by removing plug from wall without pulling the cord.

9. Completely power down mat/pad before folding in predetermined positions.

10. Do not remove product labels or tags.

11. Do not leave mat/pad unattended, especially in the presence of children monitor closely.

12. Always hydrate before and after sessions, especially sessions at higher heat setting or longer intervals.

13. Start with 15 minute intervals on a low setting, twice weekly. Intervals, heat setting and weekly/daily session numbers can be increased as the body adapts and based on individual's feeling.

14. Never use mat/pad on maximum heat setting for longer than 60 minutes to avoid possible dehydration and hyperthermia.

15. Never use mat for longer than 8 hours in one session on a low setting.

16. Those with the following must consult a doctor before using products: pre-existing conditions, heart disease, hypertension, or any other serious health concerns.

17. Do not use products if you have/are any of the following conditions: pregnant, nursing, children, tuberculosis, juvenile diabetes, acute viral diseases, mycosis, cardiopathy, tumors, severe arrhythmias, pacemaker wearers, magnetic prosthesis wearers, acute infections, epilepsy.

18. We recommend every person consult with the proper healthcare professional prior to use regardless of health.

*Disclaimer* :RenWell provides general information about medicine, health and related subjects. Website information, linked information and personal typed or verbal recommendations regarding product selection are not FDA approved statements. These statements are not intended to and should not be taken as professional medical advice. RenWell assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss, injury, or negative results due to use of our products. Always consult your appropriately-licensed physician or other healthcare provider for safety questions, health concerns, and medical inquiries prior to using. It is the user's responsibility to familiarize themself with and follow safety precautions and suggested use.